Our COVID-19 Response Plan

The world is on pause at the moment and no one really knows where this is going to lead. Will it change us forever? Will things ever go back to normal?

With everything so uncertain, there’s one thing you can count on. Us. We’re here for all your content needs throughout the pandemic and after. We understand that things are tough right now . . . but we also understand that your practice needs to stay on top of marketing.

When things do get back to whatever our new normal will be, your patients will need you. If you’re working now as an essential worker, they need you right now.

Communication is KEY at times like this.

We’re getting pummeled with constant updates, new information, and new recommendations. Now is the time to be in close communication with your patients. They need to know what is going on.

You’re their semblance of normal in all this, so be sure to keep them informed. We can help with that.

Ink Your Way offers:

  • COVID-19 updates for your business.
  • Tips and safety hints for you to share with your patients.
  • Emails to maintain your clients informed.
  • Letters to let your employees go, should the time come to do so.
  • Infographics, videos, and images to share on your social media.

Let us make this pandemic just a little easier for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.