Curious about my previous work? One of the biggest issues with ghostwriting is that I can’t showcase all my work. However, I do have several projects that I can show you:


A Simple Way to Write Your 1,000 Word Posts

Is Print Advertising Still Worth It?


How to Use the Money Envelope System for Budgeting


Kid Friendly Vancouver Museums for the Whole Family

The Fine Art of Negotiating

Victoria’s Top Thai Restaurants to Spice Up Your Day¬†


Do You Know How to Treat Heat Stroke?

Herbal Tea Garden Seeds

Food and Drink

Classic Sourdough Starter Recipe from Scratch

Get Your Kids to Eat Better

5 Ways to Use Millet

Misc. Topics

10 Quick and Easy ESL Listening Games to Fill Extra Time

13 Amazing Halloween Bag Patterns

Ghostwritten Books

Here are a few of the hundreds of books I’ve written, available on Amazon.