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When someone needs medical care, what is the first thing they do? In today’s connected world, most people will search online before they consider heading to a medical facility. They want to know what they’re up against and that’s where content marketing comes into play.

Your content can give patients the answers they need and the information they crave. Better yet, it helps build trust. When they need to visit a practicioner, who will they call? You, because they’ve already seen that you know what’s what.

At Ink Your Way, our goal is to provide you with the best possible content to help clients find you when they search your specialties, as well as find the information they require. To that end, we offer:

Website Copy

Your website is the first impression most patients will have of your business. Does it paint a good picture of what you do? Does it inspire trust? Is it working to bring in new patients? If not, it may be time for a revamp.

We can provide you with an audit of your site and suggestions for improvement. This is completely free and there is no obligation to hire us after the audit.

If you do choose to hire us, we can create high quality website copy to draw in patients and catch the attention of the search engines. We do this through SEO (search engine optimization) and carefully designed keyword strategies. Your content will also include meta descriptions and tags to ensure you have all your bases covered.

Ready to get started? Contact us now to get a free content audit of your site!

Blog Posts

While great website copy is a good start for attracting new clients or patients, your marketing efforts don’t end there. You’ll need to keep updating your site with fresh, new content. The best way to do that? With a blog.

Blogs provide information for your patients and give them more insight into your practice. Good blog posts will entertain and inform and they are an excellent method of staying on top of the latest medical news in your industry.

Check out our blog post plans here.

Email Copy

Do you have a newsletter for your patients? If not, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to connect with them and build that trust factor. Every medical professional should have a newsletter and it’s even more important for healthcare facilities to have an email list.

With a regular newsletter, you’ll be able to drum up business whenever you need to. It also allows you to keep your practice in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

See our newsletter plans here.

Press Releases

You need to get your practice in front of new eyes and a great way to do that is to send out press releases when you have an event or news to announce. We will ask you to fill out a short form and then we’ll create the press release for you. If you’d like us to submit it to news sources and directories, we can do that, too. Just sit back and enjoy the publicity.

Our press releases cost $250, with additional services for a fee.

Contact us for more information on our content marketing services.

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