Search Engine Optimization

SEO for hospitals

Search engine optimization for healthcare businesses requires quite a bit of research. You need to rank for the search phrases your patients are looking for and we can help you do that.

Our process is quite thorough.

Step One: Site Audit

First, we look at what keywords your healthcare site is already ranking for. Even if you haven’t utilized SEO on purpose, chances are, your content is ranking for a few things. The question is whether or not it’s helping you gain clients. We’ll check it all out and determine what people are searching for when they find your website. This gives us a base to work from.

Step Two: Competition Check

Next, we will examine what your competition is doing and how they are ranking for different keywords. With a list of what the competion’s keywords are, we can begin to build your plan. From there, we can make sure that your content is better designed to help you show up higher in the search engines.

Step Three: Keyword Research

This SEO step is where we will research the best phrases for your industry and services. We use top of the line research tools to come up with keyword phrases that have low competition, but plenty of searches. This is also where we will focus on local SEO, to help drive customers in your particular area, to your facility. Local SEO is essential for healthcare businesses that serve a dedicated neighborhood or city.

Step Four: Create a Custom Plan

Finally, we will build a custom plan that will help your company rank better. This requires high quality content, possible revamping of your website copy, and social media marketing. You may then take that plan and work it yourself or hire us to manage it all for you.

Once we’ve determined what you need, you can select from one of our content marketing plans or one of our all-inclusive deals.