Top 10 Content Marketing Trends for 2021

content marketing trends

Content marketing is what we do here at Ink Your Way and if you’re wondering what the top content marketing trends for 2021 are, you’ve come to the right place. The world is very different than it was just a year ago, so it’s natural to expect how you market your practice to change, as well.

This year, content marketing is going to be more powerful than ever.

1. If You’re Not Online, You Don’t Exist

Thanks to the pandemic, business absolutely must have a web presence now. While people did their research online before, the number that have embraced this option has drastically increased, thanks to staying at home. Are you online? Do you have a website?

Did you know that 80% of people search for their health information online, with a whopping 74% of them looking to social media for that information? If you’re not present where they’re looking, you’ll find it difficult to draw in those new patients. By the way? Those numbers are pre-pandemic.

2. Content Driven Personalization

People are fickle and busy. Someone may land on a chiropractic site, read part of a guide on eliminating back pain while sitting in an office chair all day, then flit away. With content driven personalization, you can track these readers and, whenthey return to your site, you offer them more content or a lead magnet on the same topic they searched for previously.

You can also turn this into an email campaign, ads on Facebook and Google that target those who visited your site, and chat bots to strike up conversations with return readers. This is a powerful method of engaging with your potential patients and can keep them coming back for more information.

3. Content as a Salesperson

Content marketing has always been about providing value and easing into sales. It’s likely that in 2021, this will take a much deeper dive into the sales side of things. After all, most people won’t be willing to meet for a sales talk, so your content will have to do the speaking for you.

streaming video content

4. Streaming Video is Hot, Hot, Hot

Thanks to the pandemic, Zoom and similar apps have become an every-day part of our lives. It’s not going away, either and what started during a pandemic lockdown has become the norm. If you really want to stay ahead of the competition, you’re going to need to offer some content via streaming video.

What can you offer that may bring people in? Why not try a webinar or interviewing some of your employees on live video? You can also offer Zoom consultations for those worried about coming in to the practice.

5. Expand Your Mind and Try New Things

The fact is that 2020 left pretty much everyone reeling. There’s not a lot we could have done to prepare for the massive changes that occurred, but they’re not over. Content marketing will most likely be changing drastically in the next few months and you need to be ready to adjust with it. We can’t predict everything, but it’s a pretty good bet that change is still in the air.

6. Be Inclusive and Kind, Above All

Did you know that 51% of all consumers are more inclined to purchase from an inclusive brand? It’s essential that you include everyone and focus on social issues as part of your content marketing campaign. This is what will get you noticed. When you’re careful to treat everyone well and be kind, regardless of class, race, or gender, you’ll end up with more patients than before . . . but more importantly, you’ll find that you have more people trust in your practice.

7. Connection is Key

With so much isolation in the world today, it’s not surprising that people are reaching out into their online communities these days to look for connection. That personal connection can make all the difference when a patient is choosing their next doctor, dentist, or therapist. You’ll need to create content that actually fosters that connection and give people a chance to see behind the logo.

This means being more responsive on social media, creating community spaces and online groups where people can come together and talk.

mobile app

8. Mobile Apps are Big Business

You may be patting yourself on the back for having a mobile-friendly site for your practice, but that’s not good enough anymore. Now, you need to make sure that you offer more mobile-centric options for your patients. These include things like:

  • Mobile apps
  • Simplified lead generation forms
  • Mobile marketing (in games, other apps, etc.)
  • One-click bookings

Just how mobile-friendly is your practice, really?

9. The Deeper the Content, the More Value You Get

No longer are short, pithy blog posts enough to get you noticed. Today’s digital world is completely smothered in content, so you’ll need something special to stand out. Longer posts, more information, and deeper structure will be key in the coming year. You’ll need to offer real value to your patients through your content marketing if you want them to pay attention. Just think of how many times you’ve clicked away from a page because it didn’t give you the information you were looking for. Don’t be that blog.

10. Branch Out Before You Die Out

It used to be great if you had one or two channels for your marketing. Facebook and a simple website were all you really needed to draw people in. However, people now expect you to be everywhere. That’s a pretty tall order, but fortunately, you can outsource most, if not all, of your content marketing.

You will also want to replicate where possible. For example, when you post a new article on your blog, you can share it across all types of social media. If you’re doing a livestream on YouTube, go ahead and post the link on your site, as well as the social media sites you use. Reuse the same content to really reach every area of marketing.

Are you ready to get started with your content marketing? What’s the biggest trend you see coming up in 2021?
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