10 COVID-19 Related Blog Topics for Medical Clinics

COVID blogging ideas

Struggling to know what to blog about in order to catch people’s eye? We’ve put together a list of some topics you might want to cover on your medical clinic blog this month. Remember that providing information and educating your patients is the best way to let them know that you know what you’re doing. It’s also a good way to help them stay safe in this pandemic. With that in mind, here are some topics you may wish to cover in your blog.

1. Your stance on masks: Explain to your patients what you think of masks and give them tips for using them. You can even do a short video or share an existing study on the use of masks.

2. Antibody tests: Do you recommend taking an antibody test? What changes if someone is positive? What is the value of having the test? These are just a few questions you can answer in your blog post.

3. How to boost your immune system: Right now, people are scared and they want to know how to ensure they’re not going to get sick. You can offer ways to help boost their immune systems to build trust and health.

4. Contact tracing: Do you offer contact tracing services? If so, you may want to explain a little more about how they work and why contact tracing is so important.

5. When to visit: Let your patients know what is important enough to come to your office. They are wondering if they should come in or just wait their symptoms out, so give them some clear guidelines.

6. COVID-19 tests: Tell people how to prepare for their test and what to expect from it. You can also give them an approximate timeline or explain the different types of tests that are available at the moment.

7. Staying positive: This is a difficult time for everyone, so offering tips on how to keep a positive mindset may be useful to your patients.

8. COVID-19 news: There are constantly new findings and studies being done, so you have plenty of information to use in these types of blog posts, where you inform your patients of the most important news.

9. Safety measures: Outlining your clinic’s safety measures will help your patients feel safer when they book an appointment. You may also share the things they need to do when coming to the clinic, so they know exactly what to expect.

10. Virtual appointments: Are you offering Zoom consultations? A blog post about how to make your consultation go smoothly can be useful for both you and your patients.

It’s a nerve-wracking time, but health is something that everyone needs help with. If you have information that can help your patients, blogging about it will reduce the number of questions you receive from them. It will also help boost your SEO rankings, if you use keywords.

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