Why You Need to Keep Blogging in a Pandemic

pandemic blogging

Many healthcare offices are closing down for a while as this pandemic affects all sectors of business. Just because your doors are closed for the moment, however, doesn’t mean you should stop content marketing. Why is this so important? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

1. This Isn’t Forever

Your practice will reopen at some point and it’s important that you stay in the forefront of people’s minds until then. That means posting on social media regularly, updating patients through blog posts or emails, and generally staying active in the public eye. There may not be a lot of actual news, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share useful links and create unique content.

2. Bond with Your Patients

A personal bond with your patients and would be patients will help them stay close to you and all but guarantees they’ll be back once the lockdowns are over. How do you get personal? Share fun facts about yourself and your employees.

For example, you might have your team members pose in funny ways for photos, demonstrate the new method of greeting each other, or share what you’re doing while social distancing. People will love to see the more personal side of your clinic and it can really help them connect.

3. Engage People

Let’s face it, staying indoors most of the time is not a lot of fun. People are looking for ways to interact with others, express themselves, and stay entertained. You can help with this by posting on social media, blogging interesting ideas, and sharing fun facts. Then encourage people to share back. There are more ideas on this post for getting people engaged on your page.

4. Offer Hope and Light

This may sound a little woo-woo, but in times of trouble, people want good news. They want something that is going to make them feel like this whole pandemic isn’t going to go on indefinitely. They need something to cheer them up. Your content can do that. While everyone is sick of hearing about the coronavirus, you can provide some information that will make people feel empowered and strong.

Blogging connects people. If you add in social media, you have a very powerful way to reach you patients when they’re struggling and dealing with a lot. Give them something else to think about and provide them with a way to connect with each other through comments.

5. Let Them Know You’re Here

It’s a time when people tend to feel like there’s nothing left out there for them. The majority of stores are closing down, school is out . . . it can be lonely. Let your patients know that you are still there, even if you’re not actually in the clinic. As long as you are posting and writing, they’ll feel less alone, knowing what is going on.

If you are still up and running as a clinic, you can also let people know what to expect when they book with you. Give them some clarity and let them know that you’re here for them. This can go a long way toward creating a lasting bond and loyalty with your patients.

Everyone is having a difficult time right now and that’s not going to vanish overnight. However, you can continue to build and strengthen your business and increase the connection you have with your patients by making a point of blogging. Even in a pandemic, content is necessary.

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10 Replies to “Why You Need to Keep Blogging in a Pandemic”

  1. Firstly, this kind of situation that we find ourselves at present is somewhat demotivating. Personally. It has been a real struggle to keep my blog updated. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, I can agree that the tips above does come really handy. At some point, it’ll all pass. So I agree that it is a good idea to keep your readers and customers engaged in the meantime. Great post.

    1. It can be rough trying to focus on content marketing when you have so much else to worry about, but yes, you need to stick to it! Hang in there. 

  2. Hi,

    Well done on writing a detailed post about why medical professionals should keep blogging during a pandemic, it’s a very topical post at the moment, seems like the whole world is affected by this coronavirus. You make some very good points why offices that are closed should make the time to keep in touch with patients and those reasons are very valid. It makes sense to let your patients know that you are still there to offer advice and support for them during this time, you are right it won’t last forever so preparing for reopening through blogging is a good idea.

    All the best,


  3. Nice Post in this crucial moment of the world. Every point listed in this article is 100% correct. In is pandemic mic Internet marketing is the key and am using the moment as a person to make greater impact in my Internet business. I Blog more as am  less busy currently, the only difficulty is staying at home with my kids, but that do not stop me. Am making maximum use of it and it’s profiting me a lot. Thanks for the informative post. 

  4. Thank you for writing this. I am also a blogger and I noticed my traffic seemed to slow down. Even on Tailwind, yesterday I posted several fresh pins but got little activity unlike in the past. You are absolutely correct – this is temporary and will not last forever so we need to keep going. Thanks again, and all the best.


    1. Thanks for commenting, Sonny. It’s tough to stick it out when you see so little return, but it’s so very important. 

  5. Hello! Thank you so much for writing such an informative article and sharing with us. I gained knowledge reading your article. Everyone is having a hard time right now and it won’t disappear overnight. However, you can build and strengthen your business by building a blogging topic and increasing your connection with your patients. Even this is a very important epidemic. Regular health awareness blogs need to be posted, as it increases patients’ morale. Thanks for posting this significant article  and I will share your article with my social media.    

  6. I really like your article . I do myself believe with everything going on right now the best thing to do is get into technology. There’s so much opportunity and keeping people engaged is definitely key. I honesty and truly believe this all eventually will pass . I like the positive tips you point out with great detail. 

  7. finding a good article does not come by easily so i must commend your effort in creating such a beautiful website and bringing up an article to help others with good information like this. the effect of covid 19 on the entire world is bad right now but we all hope that it ends sooner. i still engage my blogging as usual

    1. Thank you. There is a huge effect at this point in time, but it’s very important to continue publishing high quality content.

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